YourTango Launches New Facebook Video Series

What would dating via Facebook, flirting over Twitter and the how-to-kiss iPhone app have looked like in the 1950’s? Anyone who’s in ‘like’ with YourTango will have the opportunity to find out. As a follow up to its widely successful, Webby Award honored video “Facebook Manners and You,” YourTango is launching a one-of-a-kind video series, “The Electronic Picture Diaries” exclusive to YourTango Facebook fans.

In a “Leave it To Beaver meets iJustine” approach, the 14-part series chronicles the web’s favorite 1950’s sweethearts, Alice and Timmy, as they use their modern technology, including MyPhones and OurTube, to manage their old-fashioned romance. The first installment, “Looking For Love At The Apple Store,” is now available on Facebook—“The Electric Friendship Generator.”

“When we released our original Facebook Manners video, the response was overwhelming. Alice and Timmy instantly hit a nerve. We were eager to build on this initial success and let their fans get to know them better. What better way to do it than let them use modern tools such as personal webcam vlogs?” said Andrea Miller, Founder and CEO, YourTango. “We were excited to partner with Buddy Media and offer this content exclusively on our Facebook tab to reward our fans and, in keeping with the theme of the series, to leverage technology and do something innovative with social media.”

New episodes will premiere every Monday exclusively on the YourTango Facebook tab, which was launched on the Buddy Media Platform. The interactive page enables fans to send era-appropriate virtual gifts such as “A Trip to the Petting Zoo”; additional interactive features will be rolled out in the coming weeks. Alice and Timmy, who have active Facebook and Twitter followings, will also interact with fans on the tab.

Upcoming videos will include topics such as the Automatic Date Matching System, necking in the city and a newfangled phone called a Freud and more.

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