ET Phone Home Elephant

Neighborhoods, better known simply as ‘hoods, are growing in popularity as travelers from the motherland continue to make permanent residence in the ‘brave new world’. The word, neighborhood, was first made popular by Mr. Rogers, as he invited as many people as possible to be his neighbor. At first, people were reluctant, but they quickly jumped on board. It wasn’t soon after that they realized they needed a social forum to meet their neighbors, organize events, and get crime alerts. Enter Home Elephant.

Social media continues to make significant gains in both the manner and the propensity that it can make daily activities more streamlined. But Home Elephant has take the model one step further, and created an intuitive platform to organize  communities and neighborhoods in a virtual setting.

Users will have the ability to sync calendered events, create a neighbor directory, organize lost and founds, run crime alert functions, update on construction zones, and host yard sales.

Home Elephant is a cool idea to demonstrate and harness the power of community social networking. As society continues to grow into a digital community, it is important for the tangible communities to organize their strengths to benefit all of mankind.

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