Spotify Finally Comes to the U.S., Partners with Klout

Insanely popular European music-streaming service Spotify has finally arrived on U.S. shores with the public release of the North American version of their software client on July 14.

Spotify has teamed up for the U.S. release with San Franciscan company Klout, which tracks a person’s influence online on different social media services and assigns them a score. What Klout is doing is a great idea, but the fact that technology has reached this point is truly terrifying to me. I want to run out into the streets yelling “I AM NOT A NUMBER, I AM A FREE MAN!”

No McGoo

I couldn't find a copyright-free image of Patrick McGoohan from The Prisoner, so bear with me here.

If you managed to request an invite before then, you may have gotten an email giving you access to the service (Woo!). If you didn’t, you may have to wait for a little while (Boo) … or you can try out Lifehacker’s guide to getting in without an invite.

With Spotify, you can stream a gazillion albums distributed by most of the major record companies, share albums and playlists with friends, and track what your friends are listening to with its built-in Facebook app. You can also listen to your existing music library with the service. The free version of the app has ads that can be semi-intrusive and stops you from streaming after you hit a certain amount of songs. But the $10-bucks-a-month premium service has unlimited streaming, takes away the ads, lets you listen to your playlist offline, and access your music from your smartphone.

It seems as though everyone is excited for this spankin’ new music outlet, and rightfully so: from the little I’ve used the application, I can see it being a contender to iTunes. Being able to hear an entire song for free is a major step up from iTunes’ 30 second to one minute song samples, and even Britney “Ex-Ms. Federline” Spears is excited for Spotify:

I can't form an opinion on anything until Britney tells me how to feel

So if you manage to wriggle your way in, let us know what you think and we’ll share a song or two. I hope you enjoy the Masterpiece Collection of Milli Vanilli, because that’s all I have*.

* I assure you, I have a diverse and respectable music collection (depending on who you talk to).

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