12 Bars of Xmas: Back to the Minors

It is never too early to start thinking of Christmas…or drinking. So, in order to raise the hype for what shall be another glorious party held by Festa Parties, the 15th anniversary of TBOX is firmly founded in the majesty that has spurned the Christmas pub crawl phenomenon we know around the country today.

What started in Chicago as a fun night between friends has spurned a national pastime. All over the country, cities copy what Chicago established, as the 12 bars of Christmas is popular among all age groups. Christopher Festa mans the event which attracts nearly 10,000 participants. As recently as 2009, Festa was approached by the Guinness Book of World Records as Festa Parties TBOX is the biggest Christmas Pub Crawl gathering in the world.

The essence of TBOX is to walk around Wrigleyville, hitting up participating bars, and getting sloshed. You really can’t ask for anything more. But with the massive crowds that attend, the event is less of a party, and more of tsunami of drunken possibilities. Dare you to defy me? Then check it out. It really is the world’s largest XMas themed pub crawl.

Don’t act like you’re not impressed. The event is covered annually by all the Chicago media big wigs including Metromix, and probably the Daily Herald. With regular sponsors including Miller Light and other alcohol pushers, TBOX proves to be force to be reckoned with.

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One Response to “12 Bars of Xmas: Back to the Minors”

  1. gravatar Wrigleyville

    PubCrawls started out as charity events – and now Festa has turned this PubCrawl into a high-priced private enterprise rip-off.

    First, Chris decided that he was going to jack up the cost of a ticket so that it would include a t-shirt – a t-shirt sale to help his company which sells, of course, t-shirts.

    The problem is, of course, that not everyone who goes on the PubCrawl wants to buy his t-shirt – but then he says it is free but the ticket to the PubCrawl is not 5 dollars, not 10 dollars, but $30 – then he tells you that you can pay 27 and get 10% off.

    Closer to the event, he jacks the price up more.

    The dirty little secret is that the bars in Wrigleyville are sick of Chris making all the money, and they are reluctant to offer $2 drafts anymore (which is why anyone would buy a ticket in the first place)

    So, the last few times, people have found the bars offering $3 or $4 beer, or even closing the window and asking for $5 beer when the crowd shows up.

    The event is no longer a party, but a crowd – Chris has gone way overboard in charging people and pocketing the money for himself.

    It is that simple – a good thing has been ruined by Chris’s greed.