crowdSPRING Brings Businesses and Artists Together (Without the Awkward Pauses)

This is how I imagine a typical meeting between someone from corporate and an artist:

Corporate: “So, we basically want something that’s hip, sleek, and edgy. What’s with all that hippy hoppy music you kids listen to? Can we work some of that in? Some ‘aww yeah’ and, what’s that word, ‘swag?’ I think I heard my nephew say that the other day. So, do you have an idea for our logo?”
Artist: “Uhh, well I–”
Corporate: “That’s great. We’re really trying to appeal to young people. We’re all about the Booking Face and the YourSpace and the MeChannel and the TwitBox. We’re jiggy with it, you might say. Rock the vote, right?”
Artist: “Sure.”
Corporate: “That’s the spirit. We’re gonna be a great team. We’ll be like Kris Kross. With your help, we’ll be as popular as Lady Googoo, right?”
Artist: “Uhh, sure.”

Thankfully, there’s a new way for companies to look for creative material, even if they know so little about pop culture that they think Jay-Z is a new bird species. crowdSPRING is an online marketplace that connects companies to artists for commissioned projects like CD covers, logos, copywriting and more. crowdSPRING was given the Chicago Innovation Award of 2010, was nominated for a Webby in 2009, and won the Stevie Award for New Product or Service of the Year in the 2009 American Business Awards. I had the chance to speak with co-founder Mike Samson at Techweek, where I asked him about crowdSPRING’s famous clients, the future of crowdSPRING, and the weirdest commission he’s ever seen.

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