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New Wave of Action Stars


Charles Bronson is one of the greatest American action stars. Sadly, he is no longer with us. But on the news that his great nephew Justin Bronson is rumored to be attached to the new Expendables project, the web is buzzing about the new face of action flicks.

It's true, the action star died out in the early 90s. No one is interested in seeing burly, over-muscled man fight off leagues of terrorists. Not at that point, anyways. Jason Statham revamped how we viewed action stars. Given, his presence is much akin to Jean Claude Van Damme, the idea that an action star doesn't have to be a body builder revitalized the viewers. This concept is giving backing for more smaller body typed action stars, like Bronson.

The first Expendables movie integrated both kinds of action stars (strength and speed). Rumors are flying over the inclusion of John Travolta, Dolph Lundgren, and Chuck Norris for the sequel. But the mere utterance that Charles Bronson's nephew might be included has those in the know smiling. Justin Bronson is young, and has dealt with rumors in 2008 about being attached to star in the remake of Deathwish. The remake never came to fruition, but did bring Bronson's name back to the limelight.

While his acting resume is light, he hopes to be a back up character at best. Bronson, a martial arts expert living and teaching out of Chicago, combines the diligence of Van Damme, and the grace of Jet Li. Whether or not he is included is up to the producers, but word on the street is that the young actor is honored to even be considered.

I assume Charles is as well.

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