Heinz Kicks Ketchup in the Knickers

Ketchup is so old school, that Victorians were eating it before it was cool. But that isn’t the point. This is America. And because of that, we all know too well the pitfalls of trying to eat fast food while driving. So, Heinz decided to reinvent the ketchup packet.

By the time this hits press, the new packet will be old news. But who cares. Technology comes in many unexpected ways. Heinz Ketchup will have a new Dip & Squeeze packet design after 40 years of the ubiquitous foil package. Holding 3 times more of the condiment, you can either dip into the cup-like packet, or squeeze the Ketchup onto your food. Here’s to 40 more years of very occasional ketchup innovation!

It is really simple, and straightforward. Sometimes the best innovations are the simplest. Evolution be damned!

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