Being A Bad Boy Is Much More Fun: Actor Denzel Washington Spills the Beans On His Leading Role in “Safe House”

Actors Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds, two of the leading stars in new movie “Safe House”  which is scheduled to come to a theater near you Februray 10th gives popular celebrity entertainment show ET the scoop on their new movie and how Denzel thinks being a “bad guy” has it’s perks.

Mr. Washington goes into detail about Reynolds accidentally giving him a black eye during one of the stunt scenes where he’s in handcuffs. I’m pretty sure Reynolds didn’t purposely give Denzel a black eye as he tells ET about his grandeur with his co-star’s acting skills.

So what makes Denzel enjoy the benefits of being a “bad guy”? He tells ET,”It’s cliché to say, but bad guys have more fun,” You can get away with more…In playing a real character who’s heroic, you’re kind of stuck. There’s only so much you can get away with. But the bad guy can say anything.”

Guess being a villain is not so bad after all!

For more on the interview with actors Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds, check ET’s website at and watch the video of the interview.

Grab a friend and catch Safe House in theaters next Friday!

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