Social Media Platforms Take on the Throne in 2012 within the Fashion Industry!

The fashion industry has mastered social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, but what will be the next revolution of social media in the new year? Popular blogging website Tumblr has already been embraced by the fashion industry this year with hopes of continual growth. As you can see, the world of social media is still growing successfully and certain platforms are being snagged by various fashion brands like wildfire!

Social Platforms such as Pinterest , the social virtual pin-board tool and the mobile app for photo sharing Instagram has already snagged influential fashionistas such as Nina Garcia . The world of social media and fashion has combined to create a unique expression of some of our favorite clothing and accessory brands.

This is just a brief teaser of the full article posted on “The High Low” which happens to be a magazine that covers how technology is changing the way we as consumers buy and see just about EVERYTHING! Get the full scoop on how other social media platforms such as Lyst and Svpply have also played a huge role within the fashion industry. Can you believe Christian Louboutin, Alexander McQueen, and Gucci are some of the largest followers on their Lyst profiles? Sooner or later we’ll see a trend in the fashion world with cute nifty profiles to expand their popular fashion brands!

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