Tim and Awesome Eric Job, Great Movie

So, Tim and Eric, purveyors of the fabulous Tim and Eric Awesome Show, have made a movie. You know this already. You probably have also seen the trailer and bought the officially licensed underwear. Or maybe not. It hits the theater screens in March, and is available On Demand come January 27. The main reason why I am writing this is to make sure my friend Eric realizes we are throwing a party to watch the movie many time on said weekend.

So, pretty much, the rest of this article is just rubbish. I could fill it with inside jokes, but I won’t (I’m not a foot). In the mean time, please understand that the Tim and Eric movie is showing on demand, which severely increases the amount of boozed beverages one can drink while watching (some theaters get pissy when you flask it).  Also, you can rewind a lot this way, instead of having to be like, “ah, brah, did you see that? Ah, you missed it brah”.

And, let the record show, I am NOT watching a trailer for this before I see it. I wish my eyes to be of virgin status when the images strike my skull. In the mean time, here is the trailer that I have not screened, and therefore have no idea what type of suitablility level it should receive…

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