Fargo TV Series to Become a TV Serious

In an attempt to capitalize on the fame of a movie that won awards 16 years ago, FX has decided to produce a TV show based on the Coen Brothers movie Fargo. There may have been a time when I would be excited to hear this news. Unfortunately this day is not today.

The idea to repurpose a movie into a TV show is just as smart an idea as turning a TV show into a movie. It’s can’t miss, right? The plot behind the potential Fargo TV series would focus on Marge Gunderson. Though details are still scarce, and discussions are in early stages, FX and MGM are reportedly in negotiations to in fact bring it to cable.

Will the Coens swoon at the idea, or even bat an idea? It’s like making a sequel to a very closed ended movie…just like Step Up 3!

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