Let’s Get Travel Cash-Rich With myTab

There is a new app in town that is radically changing the face of online travel & been hailed as ‘highly disruptive.’ myTab is a social travel gift card. Think of myTab as your holiday layaway travel savings fund that friends & family can gift towards. With myTab, you can gift travel cash, save travel cash, plan your trips and simply redeem the funds towards flights or flights+hotels within our website. Great for group trips so everyone plans together yet saves & books separately – no more team leader paying for the trip and trying to recoup the funds back. myTab seems to be the only start up that focuses on the price frustration of searching best deals for weeks, and then disappointed when a better deal arrives after you’ve booked a trip. With funds gifted and/or saved in your account, the experience on myTab is faster and easier, since you’re travel cash-rich. And through crowd sourcing on their gift card platform, they get better negotiated deals for you.

Key features of the app include:

Keep Tabs on Friends: Check in all your current trips (to/from dates, destination & purpose i.e. honeymoon, birthday, reunion, getaway etc). No more missing Facebook status updates of a friend who’s maybe in the same destination as you, and no more frustratingly long commenting threads about missed opportunities to meet up.

Create Travel Wishes: Create your wish trips so you and your friends can view each other’s dream trip plans. Then sign into www.mytab.co where friends can then gift each other towards trips, for any occasion.

Well STP there ya have it. Travel made easier with yet another awesome app.

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