Tell People Where To Have Fun In Your College Town

College Tourist is a newly launched social media site that focuses on the fun things around your college town.

Current and prospective college and university students can check out various colleges and university towns–where to shop, eat, hang and party. Students are both the contributors and beneficiaries of the site. It is a handy platform for them to explore what’s around them and meet friends with similar interests and educational background.

A unique feature on the website is the Virtual Postcard. Students from around the United States and the world can upload a photo, fill out the blanks of “Eat” “Shop” “Hang” “Weekend hot spot” and “Dream destination” about their college town, then post the “card” on the website like a tourist.

For visitors, they can simply find the college/university they are interested in through the website’s search engine and see the suggestions from people who are already there.

To get the new semester started, the website is holding a huge fun and interactive contest for every university and college registers. Students just need to submit virtual postcards as many and as interesting as possible. To determine the winner, the first round will choose a college/university based upon who has the most uploaded virtual postcard images. Second determination will base upon which student at that chosen university/college has uploaded the most virtual postcard images.

The College Tourist Team & Founders will visit their winning College Town and set up an event in honor with fun giveaways and freebies for the day! The student winner will receive a month’s worth of coffee at the chosen favorite coffeehouse and the college/university winner will be placed on the College Tourist’s front webpage. The contest begins NOW and ends November 23rd, 2012. Get your postcards posted!

About College Tourist

College Tourist’s was founded and created by Alison Tatham, after living around the globe and extensively throughout Asia Pacific for many years, she found herself settling in the USA to experiencing the campus lifestyle firsthand with her daughters. While navigating their way through the US College application process, Alison and her daughters were excited at the amazing diversity amongst College Towns across America and the wonderful opportunities available to students in the towns. From visiting these great towns, they found the best information came from the students who attend the Colleges. From this the CollegeTourist was born.

Compatriot, Lori Straford, who has also traveled extensively and lived in the UK, joined Alison at the College Tourist’s to launch the Million Postcard Project. The women bring knowledge and experiences from varied background and careers, Alison previously a Trader and Director in the Money Markets and Foreign Exchange field and Lori a Physiologist in the field of medical research.  College Tourist’s is an online destination from local college students about the great things in theirCollege Towns.

About College Tourist Postcards:

College Tourist’s virtual postcards are uploaded through a postcard creator that appears when the student likes College Tourist’s on Facebook or by entering an email address. Your name is not required, just the College name and Town. The students add a photo and answer a few fun questions telling us about a where to eat, shop, hang, weekend hotspot and a dream destination around the world. By gathering this information about College Towns, College Tourist’s aim is to create a Virtual College Tourist Almanac for current and prospective students.

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