Disney Buys Star Wars…Gets Indiana Jones, Lucas Studios

Being that this news broke yesterday, it is already old news by today. Nonetheless, Disney has continued their plan for world domination by purchasing George Lucas’ studio for a measly $4 billion. To contrast that price, I passed on buying a cup of coffee at the gas station this morning because it’s $1.29 price tag was too steep.

With the purchase, Disney is already setting their sites on a new Star Wars trilogy. Episode 7 is slated to drop in 2015, directly amiss the Avengers sequel. This has obvious big pay out for Disney. But with the purchase, Disney also snags Indiana Jones, and I am assuming they also get Monkey Island.

I can already hear people’s eyes rolling at the deal. But keep in mind, Marvel’s movies were pretty awful until Disney stepped in. Once that mouse took control, the whole Marvel Studios mindset was altered, and they are now producing movies that don’t suck. If you ignore the second set of Star Wars prequels, then there may actually be some potential for original stories and high end graphics (and good actors).

But, alas, we shall see…

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