Promoting the Future One Party at a Time

When heading off to college as a freshman, guys and girls leave home with big dreams of college life. Sleeping in, meeting new people, having freedom, and of course, partying. What better way to help these budding teachers, doctors, and politicians than an application on their phones that will help guide them to what truly matters most in education—the parties.

SmaartMobile Tec Inc. developed Student’U, a social discovery app exclusively for students at college who are ready to participate in on-campus life and off-campus fun on different levels. It allows them to chat, share pictures, locate possible new friends, and stay informed about academic life. But the most appealing feature of this app for any student is that they can find where the parties are happening on and off campus. It also has a mapping function to help a student find his or her friends to join them when they are out having fun.

There are different categories of Student’U. You can create a Student Profile to find other friends. You can develop a Facebook Flirt Profile, where you can get “friendly” with other Facebook users without ever having to show the activity on the social media website. There also is something called Discovery Profile, where you can connect to other people who are not students but who do know the best places to party.

Is the app necessary to find a friend or a party? Maybe on some campuses. At large universities, all it takes is to walk through the quad, dorm, or student services building to find posters and signs for that weekend’s parties. Perhaps smaller colleges aren’t as vocal about having fun. In that case, give the app a try. College is about learning and leaving in four years, hopefully with a degree, but it’s also about living. So live a little. Make the best out of your student life. Visit and download now!

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