Send drinks and be social, Have 1 On Me!

Social gifting may be a term that has taken a back seat in the past year, but that doesn’t mean the concept is dead. Much like Coca Cola’s new machines that encourage consumers to purchase and send cans of coke to anyone around the world, Have 1 On Me! has joined the social beverage gifting space. The big difference, however, is their app is about sending liquor!

The concept is a social gifting app that allows you to send real drinks to friends anywhere. With Have 1 On Me! users can send a 6-pack of beer for a friend’s birthday, a bottle of wine to celebrate an anniversary or a cocktail to say congrats all from your mobile phone. Think of it like the Bartab app on a national scale. Drinks are redeemable at thousands of and retailers nationwide.

This is something I can really get behind. Not only does it encourage social behavior, and drinking, but goodwill to men! That’s pretty cool. As long as I can redeem my drinks at Binny’s, I will be fine. So please, send me all your free drinks. In the mean time, check out their video, and their website.

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