New Year’s Resolutions for Businesses on Their Upcoming Communication Strategy for 2013

Another year is around the corner and businesses need to review their current PR and marketing programs to see what moves from 2012 to 2013.  Below are some New Year’s resolutions that businesses should make when it comes to their communication strategy in the upcoming year.

1)      Drop your PR strategy if it is currently made up of press releases only.  Don’t depend on news releases as your sole communication strategy.  They only take you so far and don’t get you or your business involved in trending stories that make up a significant share of coverage and media placements.

2)      Promise to make content a priority.  Content is King and should be used in both a social and press strategy as a way to build a communications plan.

3)       Gauge your results.  Will you get more coverage than last year?  How will this help your company grow?  With the growth and acceptance of social programs, third party credibility isn’t just a “wish,” but a necessity and your customers have grown to expect it.

4)      Add a social program to your marketing and PR campaigns.  Share rich content and expand your brand’s social media footprint with a professional social media expert.  Saturate the social marketplace by adding a daily stream of posts, tweets, photos, pins and more to garner attention and engage with your loyal following.

5)      Refine your message.  Make sure to define what you do and who you do it for in 2013.  Big mistakes are made when different messages are conveyed by your company and customers can’t articulate your value-add.

6)      Build relationships.  Target the right press, through a PR firm or press databases, to ensure you are reaching out to the correct editors to tell your company’s initiatives.  With today’s ever-changing media landscape, you need to make sure you are targeting the right press contacts, and that relationships are made through your firm or on your behalf to build strong relationships.

7)      Get creative.  Don’t do the usual.  How are stories being told and how can you be a part of those stories?  Creativity in your approach to editors and customers go a long way towards helping you stand out.

8)      Follow trends.  If you are doing something that is being covered in the news, reach out to editors to become part of these types of stories.  For example, if you are a small business hiring or not hiring because of new tax laws, reach out and offer to tell your story so that you become part of a national conversation.

9)      Position yourself as a leader in the industry.  Use all of the above resolutions to create a strategy that will have you seen as a leader in your business space.

10)   Put a plan in place.  Don’t just take opportunities when presented with them.  Be strategic, creative and social to map out a communications strategy that will grow your business for a successful year and beyond.

These resolutions are provided by LFPR, a progressive public relations agency that produces big results for national and global companies with an emphasis on media relations and social media.

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