Nomophobia: Now a Treatable Condition

A little while back, we reported on a phenomenon of modern society known as nomophobia: the fear of being without technology. Honestly, I sort of mocked the topic, as it is really silly. And has a dumb name. But now, medical doctors are disagreeing with me, as Morningside Recovery Center in California has started a recovery group to help people deal with the phobia.  All this information is from them:

A leading drug and alcohol recovery center, Morningside Recovery Center has founded the first ever recovery group to deal with customer demand – “Nomophobia” – the fear of being without mobile technology. Studies show that two-thirds of the population suffers from “Nomophobia” (“no-mobile-phone-phobia”) which is defined as the fear of losing or being without your mobile phone. As new mobile devices and technology hit the market, Nomophobia is increasing, and up 13% from a couple of years ago.

We use cell phones every day, but for a growing number of people staying connected has become an obsession that occupies every waking minute – and for them, an utter fear and anxiety runs through their veins when they lose their cell, run out of battery, have no network coverage, or simply imagine living life without a mobile device.

Top Addiction and Recovery expert, Dr. Elizabeth Waterman, Psy.D treats a variety of addict patients every day and has seen a deep increase in her “Nomophobe” patients. She can discuss the warning signs and best treatment/recovery options out there for people addicted to their beloved technology needs.

So there you have it. If you forget your cell phone, and blow your dome, get rehab.


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