5 Health and Fitness Apps You Should Know About in 2013

With February on it’s way out, millions of resolutions made for the new year are already in the wind. If however, you are unlike many others, and still committed to losing that extra weight, here is a list of 5 health and fitness apps we recently checked out. In addition, A recent study from Northwestern University found that using a mobile app to track eating and activity helped people lose an average of 15 pounds and keep it off for at least a year.

2013 Best Fitness APPS


  •  DailyBurn.com – This online health and fitness brand’s app provides the luxury of a personal trainer in your home, on your computer and TV, and even on your tablet or cell phone. The app allows you to get in your daily workout in as little as fifteen minutes – anytime, anywhere. DailyBurn’s elite group of trainers give members personalized nutrition plans and provides specialized fitness expertise through a variety of best-in-class library of workouts ranging from beginner to advanced.


  •  Smart Activity Tracker – Device can be worn or thrown in your pocket while it measures numbers of steps taken, strides run, distances covered, calories burned, and quality of sleep. Smart Activity Tracker also lets you set up Smartphone alerts that warn you when you’ve been inactive for too long, or reminders to get up and move.


  •  FitBit Flex – Made to be worn all day, this gadget uses an internal accelerometer to record steps, distance traveled, and estimated calories burned through exercise. The Flex also monitors overall activity level and records the duration and quality of sleep and lets you know when you have reached 20% of your preset goals for the day.


  •  RunKeeper – This app uses your phone’s GPS system to help track anything you can do outside — walk, run, bike or hike. It also alerts you to your stats and progress via their audio system as you work out. Save routes, compare performances and use the app to sync up your health data with data sets from many other fitness apps — making RunKeeper one of the most integrated systems out there.


  •  Lose It! – Lose It! is based on calorie tracking and peer support for healthy, sustainable weight loss. With the app you can connect to people, devices, and food information you need to help you achieve your weight loss goals. It also customizes weight loss plans that fit your life so you can set your goals and achieve them on your terms.


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