– Call, text, listen, Tweet, check in, and stay warm.

Having been a smartphone user for a number of years, all while living through the cold chicago winters, I was plesently surprised when I recieved these gloves. Not only are they soft and warm, you can use your entire hand to use on your touch devices. No longer the days of using those tech gloves with pieces of fabric on one or two fingers only. simply offers the best touchscreen gloves out there to help anyone stay warm while being able to use all touchscreen devices and still look stylish. was created out of sheer frustration to develop the best and the most beautifully bold tech glove all with style as well as an attractive price point.

The design, the fit, and the simplicity of all make it clear that other touchscreen gloves just cannot compete. For starters, offers MagLove technology, a cleverly hidden magnet in each cuff so that the gloves won’t separate in your pockets or bag. No glove on the market has that.

What more, most “touch” gloves have these terrible, ugly, bulky silver pads on your fingers. They don’t work well, and if you use any other part of your hand they don’t work at all. is delicately woven with real silver threading, as part of the design, which allows you to use your touch-screen phone with your whole hand, rather than just the tips. You don’t have to relearn how to type on your phone.
Lastly, but certainly not least, has offers a simply stylish product on the overall design of the glove. All people, not just techies, use touchscreen devices. is designed with everyone in mind.

With a few more months of cold weather on the horizon we here at STP feel strongly about these gloves and how great they work with our devices.

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