Yahoo CEO’s Work From Home Ban – Guest Post: Robert E. Hall

When Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer announced earlier this week that she would put in place a no work from home policy at the company, the reaction was divided to say the least. As one outlet said, “thousands of nerds hearts broke”, others said it was step back for working moms everywhere and still others revealed that ex-Yahoo employees championed her decision saying “many workers were milking the company”.

Regardless of your stance on this hot button issue, CEO, relationship analyst and speaker Robert E. Hall, author of the new book, This Land of Strangers is shedding light on one underlying issue that hasn’t been addressed: the decline of productive relationships in the workplace.

  • “Right Problem, Ill Fitting Solution: “Mayer is using a blunt instrument to deal with an emerging workplace issue – how to foster more productive relationships within and among work groups.”
  • “Reactive vs. Proactive: “The forces that are undermining relationships in the workplace – reliance on technology that edges out personal relationships, remote workers, temporary workers, outsourcing, etc. have overwhelmed our materially altering work cultures. Leaders and CEOs are struggling to catch-up and let alone get ahead of these changes.”
  • Information Develops Rapidly, Competence Develops Slowly: “These and similar forces are driving a seismic shift in relationships at home, work and politics – where the technology and cultural changes are outrunning our ability to adapt.”
  • Treat Our Relationships as Key Strategic Resources: “Mostly these trends of relationship decline are covered in silos – business talks of work, social scientists address home, political scientists discuss politics and theologians cover faith and values.  We must step back and treat our relationships as our most valuable and value-creating resource – to give it the priority it requires.”
  • “I predict we continue to see “one-off” attempts to treat tactically, what is a strategic problem – requiring a strategic set of relationship management solutions.”


About Robert E. Hall:

Robert Hall is a noted author, consultant, and speaker on relationships. As co-founder and CEO of a 200-person relationship management firm with offices in the U.S., Canada, Latin America, U.K., South Africa, and Australia, he consulted for 20-plus years with major corporations on customer and employee relationships. Ernst and Young named him a finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year in the Southwest. His first book, The Streetcorner Strategy for Winning Local Markets, is a business bestseller that helped inspire the customer relationship management movement. For the past decade, Hall has mentored inner-city homeless families and helped pioneer a relationship-centric model for addressing homelessness. He has authored 100-plus published columns, articles, and research papers on the topic of relationships.


This Land of Strangers can be purchased from and through all major booksellers.


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