Reader Beware, A Goosebumps Movie is Almost Here

You see what I did there? I used the tagline from both the Goosebumps book series AND the TV show to make a clever quip about how a movie is in the works! R.L. Stine would be spinning in his grave….except he isn’t dead.

Nonetheless, rumors are swirling around the water cooler about revamped interest in a movie revolving around the beloved children’s book series. That is the extent of the details. The guy that killed Gulliver’s Travels is behind the push, in conjunction with Colombia Pictures.

The major questions all revolve around which story the movie will jump from. If you’ve read any of the books, then you know some are pretty f*cked up. Honestly, sarcasm aside, there is a lot of potential. As long as they don’t do Night of the Living Dummy, they should be fine. We do not need another Dead Silence type movie in this world.

Side note: RL…call me so we can discuss The Ghost Next Door….


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