Survey Says: Jeopardy! Needs to Solve a New Puzzle

Alex Trebek, most notably known as the handsome mustachioed man who makes us feel dumb, has announced that he will be parting his post as Jeopardy!’s host in 2016. The world mourns this loss equally as much as when he shaved his mustache…Damn you Trebeck.

Anyways, they need to fill those shoes, so a few names are being thrown around. For the sake of SEO, I will mention those names while randomly saying Jeopardy! tv game show. Matt Lauer, some dude I have never heard of, is the apparent front runner. Rumors also swirl sensually around the alien-skulled Anderson Cooper, but who knows.

I’m sure Will Ferrel will take the reigns when the time comes. If anyone can handle the saucy celebrities on Jeopardy!, it’s him. As long as they remember to answer in the phrase of the question, people will clap.

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