Get Your Phone “Wrapped Up In Love” This Valentine’s Day

Mummification has been used for preservation purposes for thousands of years, and now Loop Attachment is taking the concept high tech with the creation of its Mummy cases for iPhones. The uniquely designed, impact resistant silicone case wraps the iPhone in a protective embrace to deter dents, scratches or cracks without hiding the logos and original aesthetic of the phone.

As much about function as form, the Mummy case serves dual purposes. The bands of the case that wrap across the back of the phone can easily be lifted to tuck a credit card under for safe storage. Ideal for tiny clutches that will not fit the weekday wallet on date night or girl’s night out, the Mummy case features a slim profile, lightweight design and easy to grip texture. The Mummy case can also easily be slipped into men’s pants pockets and its smooth finish will prevent any lint from adhering to the case.

Available in ten colors, the Mummy case can be purchased as a bundled package of three cases in varying colors. Pre-mixed color bundles are tinged with humor ranging from a red, white and powder blue “Chicago” bundle to a magenta, purple and white “Good n Plenty” bundle, or the “Hulk” featuring purple, neon green and black. A bundle can also be customized with a personal choice of colors, and the cases can easily be switched out to match an iPhone to a mood or an outfit.

Show that special someone in your life this Valentines day that you are “wrapped up in their love” and get them a mummy case set.

The Mummy case has an MSRP of $25, and Bundles are priced at $60 a set. The Mummy case is available for iPhone 4/4s and 5/5s. For more information, visit:


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