Insider Scoop from CES 2014 : Hang w/ App

Rapper 50 Cent and tech guru Robert Scoble, along with the  “Monsters of Tech,” all used the live streaming social media platform Hang w/ to share exclusive news to fans and followers. A beta version of Hang w/ for Google Glass debuted at the show, connecting people with an iPhone, iPad, and Android device through live streaming video and simultaneous chat.

“As for how broadcasting on Hang w/ will improve our lives, we’ve seen first hand how sharing live makes ordinary experiences feel like shared communal events – and how it makes big events feel even more special,” says Hang w/ CEO and Founder Andrew Maltin. “The idea of being able to broadcast hands-free and share everything you are seeing via live streaming video is incredibly exciting.” 50cent

Offering the first exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the newest products and biggest names in the tech industry, the Monsters of Tech, a group of highly influential social media influencers, will be utilizing Hang w/ for Google Glass to broadcast the events of CES 2014. Among the Monsters of Tech are Robert Scoble, Thomas Hawk, Chris Voss, Andy Grignon, John Nosta, Ron Sheridan and Joel Comm.

The Hang w/ app has been embraced by nearly 100 notable musicians, athletes, actors and entertainers who use the platform to build a meaningful social media relationship with their fans, including 50 Cent, Timbaland, Kaskade, Paula Abdul, Terrell Owens, Jordin Sparks, Lucy Hale, Cheech and Chong, Jessica Sanchez, Jamie Kennedy and Larry the Cable Guy.

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